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Your Banner on Our Site

We would love to place your Sports/Baseball related site's banner on our site like the banners shown below.

Note, we are not currently charging for advertising but would much prefer a cooperative or affiliate relationship
where you link to us, repost our articles (with attribution, of course) or otherwise enhance the user's sports and/or
fantasy experience.  BaseballVMI reserves the right to accept or reject banner applications at its sole descretion.

Please use our contact form to begin the banner publication process.  We will require:

  • A banner with the dimensions of 240px wide by 400px high, jpg or gif, under 50kb.
  • A site URL to send the viewer to when clicked
  • An E-Mail address to send page view and click-thru reports

Your banner will appear on the Welcome page and the three "sub-welcome" pages that describe VMI uses,
Fantasy, Win/Loss Odds, and Professional Player Tools.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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