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Wanting to see all our website features and data displays and this year's Rosters?

Posted: 2019-02-07 09:00:03 (ET)    [ 868 views ]

Some of you may want to view a particular game from last year or previous to that.  If so, you can log into our website with our “guest” login. 

Until the 2019 season begins, you can use guest as your login and guest as the password. Once you are logged in as a guest, you can view all our features for members and pro members.  One of the Pro Membership features you may want to see is the “View Game” whereby a particular game of interest is broken down into number of pitches, speed, type, strikes, hits and percent hits against strikes thrown.

After you have logged in as a guest--to locate the View Game--click on “Members” and then “Member Home.”  You will see a selection box pointing to View Game

Select a particular game date and team to see that team’s hitter production within the day's ADI and VMI. 

You can then select the opponent to see their production for that game, as well.  

One additional note: We have now activated this year's rosters, so you can see the players by calling up their new team.  However, since some of those have not yet played for their new team, then you should use 201 as the year to see each player's previous production back to about 2014.  

Also, if you want to see how the "Team VMI's" work on a daily basis during the baseball season; check out the team vmi's on as they work similarly, only using a different formula.  The Game ADI's on BasketballVMI work similarly, as well.  


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