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Two Peas in a Pod? LAD vs. PHI
The most dominant team in 2017 vs a close opposite team?  How could this happen?  It happens a lot, of course.  But consider the ADI was very average, both VMI's were +1.6 so nothing was extraordinary in ball movement "physically."   ...


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Speed + Air Resistance = Ball Movement

Ball Movement = More Hits or Fewer Hits

The VMI is an index that gauges the degree of today's adjustment for hitters

The ADI is a gauge of the air density to identify today's amount of movement for pitchers

Here's the thing:  No player can adjust to substantially more ball movement from friction in the air, without several games of exposure.  This fact then causes the following to occur:  "The entire team is affected at the same time, causing more popups against the fastball and adds to the losses, because the team does not get the normal contribution from either the top five hitters, or from several random players." 

Altitude Pressure, Temperature, Humidity dictate movement for the pitcher

We have gauged every hop, bend and lift in every park so that you can have clear insight into a player's daily struggle to perform in all the variations.

For Pro Players and Managers our index gives you a heads-up prior to game time.  When your personal index is high, we have some VMI tips for you to ponder.  When your personal VMI is low, we have some focus concerns to make you and your team aware. 

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We provide our standard members with a daily index a full day ahead of game time

The larger index has over a 65% accuracy rating

We combine Temperature, Humidity and Altitude calculations along with where the batters and pitchers played recently compared to where they are playing today to develop a unique baseball index based on actual ball movement.  Whether you are a player, manager, or just want to learn more about the game, our index is sure to give you insight.  Check out the various features we sustain throughout the season.


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