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Is VMI complicated? No, but Baseball is Complicated!

Posted: 2022-05-26 08:39:23 (ET)    [ 363 views ]

Recently VMI introduced a new Enhanced Detailed Match-Ups for daily fantasy players who must pick potentially high scoring pitchers and hitters from today's games.

At this point in the evolution of, what does VMI provide?

We start with tracking every team, pitcher and hitter in MLB in terms of how much additional late movement will be on pitches today.  Extra movement and lesser movement is due to greater or lesser air density (ADI) from cold weather at sea level to hot weather in Denver.  We represent each pitcher's effectiveness and each hitter's production in each stadium and weather conditions in terms of hits per strike thrown against each type of pitch.  By tracking the hitters into and out of various pitch-movement environments in MLB, we have attached a visual memory index (VMI) to each hitter, which gives us a good indication of his preparation for today's pitcher.

So, is VMI complicated?

Actually, VMI has simplified an amazing amount of analytics into a neatly packaged "actual production" concept using the scientific principles of an object in flight against game time air density.

In collaboration with Foxstone Industries, Inc., Baseball VMI has simplified both the pitcher's arsenal and the hitter's tendencies against all pitches with pitcher-type and hitter-type categories.  These include the combinations of pitch-types used by all pitchers against all hitters.  All the production within the ADI ranges, VMI ranges, Pitcher-Type and Hitter-Type is analyzed in terms of hits per strike thrown.  The Pitcher and Hitter types are categorized using a scale showing how strong a pitcher or hitter rates within his production-driven type

Although we began developing our website with only "team" information, we can now show every pitcher's hit/strike percent and every hitter's hit percent on every type of pitch.  The website uses a quick and easy format for today's games.  However, I must make it clear that we are not picking the best players for today, that is your job. We have provided a rating to help you pick players.  One can also use this detail to see "Yesterday's" results from the match-ups. 

Take a good look; Foxstone Industries has developed for us an amazing data mine of over 5.5 million pitches from each game that was able to be recorded, each pitcher and each hitter.  It can be found in the Member's Home, "Enhanced Detailed Match-Ups" for pro-members who have a year's experience with VMI.  It's quick and easy. 


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