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Interactive Website
Many of you may have already noticed that our website recently became more "interactive."   Our web developer spent many hours in the conversion, but we already are reaping the rewards.   Between now and the beginning of the 2019 MLB Season, if you notice that something in not working correctly, or if something you were depending on is no longer available, please contact us so that we can look into the reason.   Our website is a new member at Fant...

What Baseball VMI can do for you in...

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fantasy baseball, win/loss odds,  and professional player insight will add a new dimension to your views and abilities to anticipate current and future player performance based on the Visual Memory Index (VMI).  The VMI is calculated based on the current Air Density and the player's recent environment.  Whatever your main baseball interest centers around, these tools will prove extremely valuable.

Fantasy Baseball

Using our unique tools coupled with an understanding of ADI/VMI concepts and our 5+ years of performance data on pitchers and hitters will improve your Fantasy Managing.

  1. The Air Density Index (ADI) tells you "when" your pitcher will have his best stuff -- Two Days Ahead. 

  2. The Visual Memory Index (VMI) tells you in advance "when" your hitter will be best prepared to meet or exceed his averages.

  3. The "Detailed Match-ups" tell you "in advance" the starting pitcher's success rate within tomorrow's and today's ADI in terms of hits per strike thrown against each of his favorite pitches.  Plus;

  4. The "Match-up" also gives you the opposing team's year-to-date success rate against the same pitches "when" these conditions previously existed.

  5. Each pitcher is designated either "Tight" -throwing mostly 4-seamers, "Loose"-throwing a lot of off-speed, or "Reverse"- mostly sinkers, and high speed downward breaking.  This provides you with a way to determine how successful your pitcher or hitter will be. 

Win/Loss Odds

If you are looking for a real world advantage that few people know about yet, take a look at Air Density at game time.  You'll be amazed at what the data shows.

  1. Air Density Index (ADI) tells you how much movement pitchers will have in today's game.

  2. Visual Memory Index (VMI) tells you if the hitters for one team are used to this amount of movement, more so than the opponent.

  3. You can insert our index numbers into your formulas for a daily advantage against the Odds.

  4. Our VMI shows a win percentage against Over/Under to be over 65% in the higher ranges of the VMI--even without your tried and true formula added.

  5. We have five years of production data in each VMI range, you can data mine.  This data drills down to the actual pitch thrown, by whom, to whom and the success rate per strike thrown within each Air Density category.  You can data mine by player, team or league. 

Professional Player

Have you wondered why you can hit a pitcher one game, and the next time you face him, you can't?   Have you felt, at times, like you just couldn't get your eye on the pitch today?  Wonder why? Actually, it is very explainable, but it is not what the general public thinks. 

In fact, it is not your mechanics, either.  It is primarily caused by more movement on the pitch than you have recently been watching.  In other words; you were in a hitters' park for too many games, prior to going into a pitchers' park.  But sometimes a pitchers' park can be a hitters' park--it's the air density.

As MLB players travel in and out of pitchers' parks and hitters' parks, they each pick up experiences as they play.  However, recent exposure to pitch movement is normally more impactful than is distant exposure. 

We follow every MLB team with an index of their travels and game production within the "actual Air Density" the game was played.  We also reveal the actual Air Density Index (ADI) ahead of game time.  If you check the ADI ahead of game time, you will soon be able to know how much lift will be on the pitcher's 4-seamer, etc.

We have 5 years of data on pitchers and hitters for you to see why these issues make sense, and to prepare for today's pitcher.

The Visual Memory Index (VMI) gauges how familiar each hitter is (you or your team) with today's Air Resistance against the seams of the ball. 

We give you daily tips that will help you keep your focus on the right issues as you face today's pitchers.  

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