Pitchers' Accuracy/Effectiveness vs Air Density Segments

The five left-most columns of data apply to the pitcher and his precise control within each of the segments of air density since the heavier the air, the more the pitch will move out of or into the strike zone.  In the cases of a particular pitch which is intended to be out of the zone, this display identifies two things based on the air density: 1) In the segment of air the most pitches are thrown, the strike % is the capability and the intended accuracy; but, within the segment showing the fewer pitches, the accuracy will be either higher or lower--indicating the pitcher left the ball in the zone more than intended causing more hits; or 2) out of the zone more often than intended, causing more walks to occur.  Of course, the two far right columns apply to the production against the accumulated totals of the hitters he/they have faced.

9. Analyze Pitcher Stats by ADI

Pitcher Stats by ADI and Pitch Type


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