Hitter by Pitch/VMI

This data display is similar to the "Team Pitch vs VMI" and the query allows you to call up any individual hitter on an active roster.  Unlike the "Hitter and Team Stats," this query and subsequent array shows the hits per strike thrown percentage.  Conversely, the Hitter and Team Stats is a comparison between the hitter's overall batting average and the contribution from each pitch-type within the VMI ranges.  

Just like our other displays of MLB data, you can choose a particular day, month or year.  Should you choose to see additional years data, just drop off the last digit of the year (use 201 )  and you will see totals from all years' data we have accumulated on this player.  


Batter Name: (Text here overides selection, if any, above.)

Date: (ex. 2018 or 2018-09 or 2018-09-05)
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