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Season's Batter/Team Stats by VMI

The Sortable Stats page allows you to query our VMI database to generate lists of player performance by VMI Range, team and individual player.  Unlike the MLB top 50, the VMI database shows only the current team roster and stats.  This display will reveal team performance in all the air density ranges the team regularly plays within.

Pitch-Type Averages

The players' averages (both player total and by pitch type) will vary slightly from Official MLB averages since Pitch Averages are generated by considering all 'hit' opportunities.  Pitches thrown in sacrifice and eventual walk situations are considered within the pitches seen by the hitter within the particular VMI Range.

The Overall Average within the VMI Range is also the sum of all the contributing pitch-types hit by the MLB player.

The VMI Interval

The Interval query can be changed to show more minute category separations in ball movement.  The default interval is 5.00 which allow almost a full inch of fastball movement between categories.  A 3.00 interval between VMI categories equals approximately 1/2 inch of fastball movement.  The smaller the interval, the smaller the ball movement differences from what the hitter and pitcher are accustomed to playing within.  As stated in other places within the website; all other pitches will have a similar "percentage" of movement change from what the hitter deems customary due to the air resistance at game time at the stadium.

Pitch-Type Hit Averages

Keep in mind that each game is played in only one VMI range for a particular team.  Therefore, each pitch-type is thrown within the same VMI range.  When the four-seam fastball is most effective, the pitcher will most likely stay with it longer.  Since each pitch is designed to set up the hitter for a subsequent pitch, then for example; when the four-seamer is more effective, the two-seamer may be less effective than its counterpart, due to the tail-off as opposed to the lift.   However, some pitches may be more effective at the same time the four-seamer is effective due to the set-up.

*Wherever MLB does not show the pitch-type, speed, or result within the published play-by-play, those pitches are unaccounted for.  If changes are made by Official MLB personnel after game day; those changes may not be reflected within this display. 

**Intentional walks are not included in pitch-type.


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