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Members see more than history. Get today's ADI's, VMI's and detailed reports.
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Membership Types

Standard Membership - $29.95/yr.

Designed with the fantasy player in mind, this membership allows you to build your own 30 man roster and using Visual Memory Index principles, help determine the player's effectiveness for the given day's game.

This membership allows you to see today's and tomorrow's team VMIs. (Non-members can only see history.) Additionally, for all the players in your roster, you can view their personal VMIs (which can differ based on games played or missed, trades, etc.) as well as their most recent games' VMI graphed with their batting stats.

Pro Package Membership* - $49.95/yr.

Originally designed as a tool for the player himself, and provides detailed daily, custom, personalized tips based on the player's VMI and the opposing team's starting pitcher.

The extended features now builds on the Standard Membership and is provided for any member who chooses to dig deeper into VMI.

The detailed tips discuss the player's VMI, the movement expected in the current days' game and reminders about how a player should deal with additional or lesser movement in varying VMIs and venues, given the opposing pitcher's speed.

As well as additional tools and reports, you will also be provided with the current graph of your Pro Player's personal VMI vs. AVG, OBS, SLG and OPS. 

(Upgrade from Standard: $19.95, includes a 1 year extension)

* This package provides detailed VMI tips for one designated Professional Player.

Feature Comparison

Feature Non-Member Standard Member Pro Package
Team VMI History X X X
Team VMIs Today and Tomorrow   X X
Custom 30 man Roster   X X
Personal VMIs (PVMI) for Roster Players   X X
Level 1 VMI Tips for Roster Players   X X
Stats vs. VMI for Roster Players   X X
Level 2 VMI Tips w/venue and opposing pitcher info     X
Graph of VMI vs. AVG, OBS, SLG, and OPS     X
Detailed View Game - Home vs. Road     X
Tight, Loose, Reverse Pitcher Report     X

Example Roster

After choosing up to 30 players for your roster, members can display each player's VMI based on their previous games and current game location. The VMIs displayed are the player's personal VMIs which may differ from the team's VMI based on games played or missed.

As can be seen in the example, a short explanation of how today's VMI may affect the player is shown in the mouseover pop-up. The graph icon also provides a batting stats graph.

Roster VMI Example

Sample Pro Tip

The current day's Professional Tip is available on the Member's Home page at approximately 5AM each game day.

The following example is what DJ LeMahieu would have received on the day of Sept. 9, 2014. Note that the detailed tips for that day's game are discussed along with opposing pitcher and current venue. The graph of his last 20 days Personal VMI are plotted against Average, On-Base Percentage, Slugging Percentage, and On-Base plus Slugging.

Pro Tip Example


The Pro Membership Offers an In-Depth Look at GameDay Match-ups

The T-L-R Report is essentially a Top 50 for Pitchers. Yes, you can query the entire database for pitchers and sort them by ALL - or Tight - Loose - Reverse to see who is currently listed as the best or worst for your particular purpose. But don't stop there...! You can also pick today's match-up in the ADI, and compare the Home Team's Pitchers against the Visiting Team's Top list of hitters within today's VMI.

So, select the T-L-R Report and set the Criteria to get ALL one team's Pitchers; then, open (in a new tab or window) the MLB Top 50 hitters and select the opposing team and sort by the type of pitch the set-up man will use (the example is sorted by Sinker); to see who floats to the top by his pitch-type. Then sort by the Closer's best pitch to look at who may hit the closer the hardest. If your screen is large enough, you can move the windows side-by-side. Then, pray the manager chooses the right set-up man.

You may be able to figure out which inning is going to be the most productive or crucial...

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