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Is MLB Going to Become Competitively out of Balance?

Posted: 2022-12-29 18:38:58 (ET)    [ 634 views ]

Along with the Mets decision to become more competitive regardless of the high cost, comes the questions about the attitudes of the other owners.  Of course, the Yankees, Dodgers, and Padres have increased their payrolls, as well.  
However, the owners have long been attempting to keep the costs down and most likely have spoken within their meetings against any team forcing the whole group to try to keep up.  
This subject was discussed in articles in The Athletic last week, as well.  
I have been suspicious that the owners have taken the stance that if every team tries hard to keep their team competitive at home in order to make their fans happy, then the "profit sharing" rules should allow them to do nothing to win on the road.  While, I may be overly suspicious, it does seem to make sense to me and a lot of others, as well.
But my question is; does that make sense on the part of so many teams?  When you consider that a big gap in talent may be shifting toward teams that already have a big advantage in "heavy air" and therefore more exposure to it, that others don't, then could the New York teams along with San Diego dominate?  I think so! 
We already know that the midwestern teams suffer a 5% disadvantage in production when arriving in New York and a few other similar venues and that advantage is based purely upon "squaring-up" on the pitch.  See   We also know that all the other hitters parks can suffer as much as a 20% disadvantage in production when some of those arrive in various additional ball parks.  
Even Los Angeles' Dodgers and Angels do not have those advantages.  Only San Francisco, Oakland and Seattle on the West Coast also gain advantages over the Central Division and hitters park teams.  Houston and Boston can compete as everyone knows and Toronto, Philadelphia and possibly Washington* and Baltimore*. However, even Atlanta who is also trying to make waves cannot consistently compete even if they have high level talent against those afformentioned advantaged teams.  Tampa Bay can compete--with the exception of early spring--if they keep highly talented players as can the Marlins, and St. Louis, but almost none of the remaining teams can consistently do so.  
So, my big question is this; should the remainder of the midwest, central division teams and higher altitude teams continue to bow down to the owners' requests to not make any financial or expensive moves that could cost the rest of the league some additional money to keep up? 
So now, I'm speaking of the "Hyperbaric Batting Cage" that could cost several million dollars to make any team more competitive, in terms of "squaring-up" on the pitch, against these huge money spending "Advantaged" teams.   A few million dollars "one-time" to make their $150 million to $200 million "per year" payroll team more competitive year in and year out for 10 to 20 seasons without much more expense, makes it very sustainable.  
Those who think it doesn't make sense, just have not thought it through very well.  It would not hurt hitters for home games, because they will always play more games at home than any visiting team.  A few (approximately 4) pitches each day will keep the hitters' hitting eye ready for all the best movement in league play.  Consistent daily exposure is the key to any professional sport.

*Washington and Baltimore being a little further to the south and near the coast stay a little warmer with additional humidity, both of which cause the air to be lighter and therefore less movement on pitches.


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