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Opening Day Games 2022

Posted: 2022-04-06 08:28:57 (ET)    [ 680 views ]

The 2022 campaign of MLB is quite different from 2021.  In 2021, there was an extremely cold front throughout the midwest and the Eastern portion of the US.  So, many of the games sported VMI's in the high minus teens in intensity. It was actually an historic beginning to the season and pitching and hitting did show astounding numbers. 

Below are all pitches recorded in the first series of 2021: As you can see, most of the pitches thrown were in the minus VMI ranges.  Pitchers came thru those series with very good ERA numbers. 

                    (Hitter's Eye Above Center)                                                   (Hitter's Eye Below Center)    
VMI Range              Pitches    Strikes    Hits    Percent                VMI Range        Pitches    Strikes    Hits    Percent
0.00 thru 9.99           259          173         8        4.62             - 0.00 thru - 9.99        3646        2284     199       8.71
10.00 thru 19.99       623           389      50      12.85            -10.00 thru -19.99       1802        1095       90       8.22
20.00 thru 29.99                                                                   -20.00 thru -29.99               

In 2022, it appears that most all the teams playing tomorrow will sport a minus VMI of around 6 to 9 which would be typical for those teams leaving the climates of Florida and Arizona.  Also, on Thursday's first games of the new season, the schedule pits Florida Spring Training teams against other Florida Spring Training teams and Phoenix Spring Training teams against one another, as well.  So, there will be fewer games whereby one team has a substantial advantage over the other in terms of pitch movement.  

However, the pitchers should enjoy the extra movement if they recognize it in time.  The problem pitchers, coaches, and catchers will have, is they have been experiencing difficulties getting a fastball by the hitters in Spring Training, so they have learned how to utilize other pitches to do so.  What will happen to some of those pitchers, is that it will be those "other" pitches that will betray them in the early weeks of the regular season.  The four-seamer should be quite effective in the first couple series of the new season. 


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