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Watching Games? Stay Ahead of the Performance!

Posted: 2022-10-09 08:55:16 (ET)    [ 748 views ]

"Detailed-Matchups" introduces something new for VMI members.

Thanks "again" to Foxstone Industries and especially to Mr. Vosteen, we have something new to us and for you, our members.

As you may be able to imagine, keeping up daily with MLB is a chore.  First, there are fifteen games per day during the regular season at least four days per week with fewer games the other three.  Second, there are 600+ Pitchers who may perform any day and 600+ Hitters available.  Approximately 4,500 pitches are thrown and seen in MLB on full-schedule days. And, we have roughly six hours per day between the end of the last game today and the need for information on tomorrow's games for participants.  So, of course, all changes and new features must be able to maintain daily functionality.

Our quest has been to attach both the ADI to the games and the associated VMI which gauges the recent exposure of the hitters to today's weather and climatic conditions.  That is; altitude, temperature and humidity at game time and show the performance of all hitters and pitchers within those various categories of Air Density and the hitters' previous game exposure to it (VMI).  We must do this in order to prove the truth about performance and what can be done about it, for the sake of true parity in the game of baseball.  It is also imperative that we do this, because no one else has ever taken this issue on as a project. 

This is not just a statistical study as we are not benefited by a non-profit status, but are a membership website. 

Each individual pitch thrown by a pitcher and seen by a hitter is crucial to performance in MLB.  It may seem trivial, but a player's performance has an effect on his contract, his wife and children, his extended family and beyond.  His performance, in our modern economy also affects the millions of investors in fantasy sports and the recently approved wagering on-line in many geographic areas around the world. These issues have graduated from the trivial to the crucial due primarily to the advantage allowed to sports betting companies, that is; their right to essentially make money at the expense of the participants in wagering on both the game winner's performance and the loser's performance.

True Parity is at Stake!

MLB also has a part in this crucial aspect of our current place in the history of the modern economy of the sports industry.  MLB has created for their industry a methodology of financial protection for each team in its corporation.  It is called "Profit Sharing."  Profit Sharing for MLB teams protects the owners from loss from finishing in the bottom half of the season in terms of wins and therefore losing many fans.  Profit Sharing guarantees the modern owners they can survive poor seasons, so their only concern has become winning at home and keeping the fan base happy.  Only the top teams must provide a product that can compete at the top perennially in order to pay for huge payrolls.  The bottom half of the league's teams owners do not care whether their team is competitive on the road. 

Players care.  Coaches care.  Managers care, but not owners.  So, investing in new inventions and concepts is so low on the owners' priority list that baseball takes decades if not centuries to become more creative.  Football and other sports can react more quickly and maintain huge popularity with the owners' emphasis on winning "asap." 

Late Starting Pitcher Changes and During Game Pitcher Decisions

You too, need to win.  And we are trying to keep up with your need to do so.  We are introducing something that we believe will help you be ahead of the game decisions by the manager, your competitors and MLB performance by allowing you to change pitchers for your personal view on Detailed-Matchups while you are watching a game. 

Under the starting pitcher's performance history within today's game ADI range, is now a dropdown box that includes all pitchers for today's game whether visitor or home.  Under the visitor's performance section you can change pitchers from the starter to a new starter, or from the starter to a reliever or closer at any time before or during the game.  You can then change back to the actual starter if need be to see his performance data within this ADI range.  If you exit the website, detailed matchups will revert to the original starter.  Of course, no one else can see what you are looking at and making decisions upon!

Under the home team's pitcher performance history box is the "Change Pitcher" drop down box for the home team.  Stay ahead of the game as you watch by comparing today's hitters with whomever is in the bull-pen. 

A Hyperbaric batting cage

My personal goal for all this data within various ADI ranges was originally created due to the need for all teams to be able to stay prepared to go on the road with their personal best performance available to them.  Each team needs to be as prepared as possible to compete on a level playing field in order to sustain true parity in MLB.  Talent parity has already been achieved.  Performance parity needs work.  We have proven that the entire league of hitters and pitchers are subject to the type of air in the stadium for today's game and recent exposure to the pitch movement allowed in other stadiums.  They are subjected to the performance limitations as an entire team.  Those limitations impair one or both teams, but not always to the same degree and sometimes extremely so.  

Each team needs a place to prepare. The biggest issue is the barometric pressure at the altitude of the ballpark. The barometric pressure cannot be changed by the existence of a dome.  The only way to change the barometric pressure is to trap the air within a pressure vessel.  I am recommending a very mild hyperbaric batting cage or cages at every stadium in the league.  The coaches will then have the ability to use their own understanding of each hitter's hand-eye coordination (physical) and personal focus (mental) needs to adjust their team to any upcoming game conditions, as they see fit.  Without this type of batting cage, there will never be any true parity in the league, so records as they currently exist are actually meaningless, because the venues have changed and many have been added through the decades. 

I would never recommend all stadiums become pressurized because that would be so expensive it would never be practical, but a single batting cage is very practical. For more information, see:

And, have fun while using your own talent to stay ahead of each managers' decisions while watching and/or participating in today's economic and entertainment opportunities. 


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From: Posted on: 2022-10-10

This is an extremely great addition to the detailed matchups for fantasy players.  It allows for me to adjust to a late game addition of a pitcher or a late scratch.  It saves alot of time.  This also us adjust lineups very quickly.  The enhanced detailed matchups is very helpful also, detailing the hitters types.  


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