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2022-First Month Results for

Posted: 2022-04-28 09:34:41 (ET)    [ 803 views ]

Many of you may remember, that at the end of the 2021 season, I suggested that you as our members only observe for the first month of this season and not participate in wagering.  This was because I've found that optimism of each team beginning a new season carries them for a few weeks before the weaker teams begin to falter.  

Last season our web developers at Foxstone Industries provided us with great analytical tools to apply to each day, week and month of the season so that we could see trends beginning to happen in MLB win and loss applications.  However, we did not have these tools until about the second week in May. 

Last season, I realized that without last years' analysis tools for April, we could not be certain we could protect our members from loss if they chose to bet in April. 

So, April is now almost finished and we began applying our tools after the first week; that is, April 14th thru April 27th.  The first week was rough!  Our overall picks were only correct enough to have kept you in the black for the first three days and then the last four days would have put you in the red by a substantial amount regardless of how much you may have wagered. 

After applying the adjustments from the daily analysis tools, results on all our picks have now exceeded initial potential loss, so I feel very good about the prospects moving forward.  

On our Financial Calculator on, you can see the results, had you wagered your particular amount per game on all games.  If you used the traditional $100 bet per game; then after the first week you would have lost $1205.86 and it would have taken another 4 game days to recover and get back in the black.   

However, forward from April 13th our daily tracking worked well and as of today April 28th, you would be back in the black by an amount of $1429.96.

Had you bet only beginning April 14th, you would be up by an amount of $2635.82  - however, I did not recommend beginning until May. 

Below is a breakdown of the investment for all of April thru April 26th games in terms of making it an investment.  


April 07 Thru April 26th All Games Picked on Tout:

Total # Games Tout Games Won Tout Correct Tout Games Lost Membership Fees
258 @ $100/Game 152 @ $100/Game 58.91% 106 @ $100/Game $29.00


Investment At Risk
(or total amt of wagers)
Return of Investment
(on winning tickets)
Net Income Net Cost To Bet
(106 gms @ $100)
Total Cost Y-T-D
$25,800 $15,200 $1,233.91 $10,600 $10,629


Return on Risk   Return on Investment   ROI including Fees
4.78%   11.64%   11.61%

So, as you may be able to determine, our ability to adjust daily, has allowed us to protect you, as members of baseball tout if you choose to wager.  In my opinion, you should be able to invest during the months of May and June, but be careful after the All Star break in July. 

Our Silver Picks and Games 1 and Games 2 of each Series have also been the best of our Tiered Picks, thus far.  It is always best to pick a strategy and hold to it through thick and thin, but never use money that you need for daily expense.   Remember, no one can foretell the future!






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