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Message of the Day

Remember to look at "Yesterday" on detailed matchups for first game of double headers today.
Looking for Pitcher data?

If you are looking for data on a pitcher or hitter that has changed teams this season, you can get to his data from before he was traded by resubmitting without the team name.  First go to "Pitcher Stats by ADI" Report (7) on this site.  Choose his current league and team and select the pitcher from the drop-down list.  Then use "20" for all years in the past decade and submit.  It will return an Error Message or no data, and will wipe out the league and team info, but will keep the pitchers name populated in the "Pitchers Name" box on the query form.  Hit the "back" arrow, if necessary, and you should see the whole query form again, but with only pitcher's name in the default box.  Leave the pitcher's name populated, as is, and double-check that the date is still "20" and then re-submit.  This process will give you everything that is in our database for this pitcher regardless of team.  If it doesn't work the first time, continue to submit again using 20 for the year and the pitcher's name only in that box and you should get data within each ADI category on traded pitchers, and/or by VMI for hitters. 

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Contrasting Coors Field, with the Oakland Coliseum and Kansas City’s stadium can provide a perspective that can carry us into the future while trying to determine what may be the outcome if Oakland loses the team to Las Vegas.  Of course Oakland’s Mayor would love to keep the A’s in their city.  Las Vegas’ Mayor would love to complete the move.  MLB and the A’s ownership are going to track the money involved, so the A’s will probably ...

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Pitches: In order of first to last to arrive
  1. The 4-seamer
  2. Two-Seamer (runs inside)
  3. Slider (off-the-plate)
  4. Curveball, then
  5. Last to arrive Change-Up

We utilize Game Day Air Density (ADI) to determine the amount of movement MLB pitchers will have available to them in today's games. We also gauge how similar is the movement on each type of pitch, to the amount each teams' hitters have been recently exposed (VMI). This provides you with a very realistic view of each hitter's probable performance against each pitcher's probable effectiveness.

What Baseball VMI can do for you in...

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fantasy baseball, win/loss odds,  and professional player insight will add a new dimension to your views and abilities to anticipate current and future player performance based on the Visual Memory Index (VMI).  The VMI is calculated based on the current Air Density and the player's recent environment.  Whatever your main baseball interest centers around, these tools will prove extremely valuable.

Fantasy Baseball

Using our unique tools coupled with an understanding of ADI/VMI concepts and our 5+ years of performance data on pitchers and hitters will improve your Fantasy Managing.

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Win/Loss Odds

If you are looking for a real world advantage that few people know about yet, take a look at Air Density at game time. You'll be amazed at what the data shows.

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Professional Player

Have you wondered why you can hit a pitcher one game, and the next time you face him, you can't? Have you felt, at times, like you just couldn't get your eye on the pitch today? Wonder why? Actually, it is very explainable, but it is not what the general public thinks.

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