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Message of the Day

Giants vs Nationals - The rain make-up game from 6/10/21 pushed back to the 12th will be recorded in the following order:

Game 1 on June 11th, will be recorded as if played on the 10th

Game 2 will be the first game played on Sunday and recorded as if played on the 11th

Game 3 will be the 2nd game played Sunday and recorded as the scheduled Sunday 6-13-21 game.

We must do it this way because we can't record two games on the same day and we must also keep the two competing teams' VMI's in the proper order. The temperatures at game time may be different from the anticipated, but the two teams' VMI spread will indicate the proper differential.

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Welcome to Baseball VMI
For those of you who have only recently become members, we welcome you to our platform.  Members are rapidly discovering VMI (Visual Memory Index).  As an introduction, the following should help you along the way to discovering the data mine which exists only in VMI's website.  Those who have not discovered it yet are typically those who don't understand what a hitter sees from the batter's box as well as they imagine.  The air density causes the pitches to...

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Pitches: In order of first to last to arrive
  1. The 4-seamer
  2. Two-Seamer (runs inside)
  3. Slider (off-the-plate)
  4. Curveball, then
  5. Last to arrive Change-Up

What Baseball VMI can do for you in...

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fantasy baseball, win/loss odds,  and professional player insight will add a new dimension to your views and abilities to anticipate current and future player performance based on the Visual Memory Index (VMI).  The VMI is calculated based on the current Air Density and the player's recent environment.  Whatever your main baseball interest centers around, these tools will prove extremely valuable.

Fantasy Baseball

Using our unique tools coupled with an understanding of ADI/VMI concepts and our 5+ years of performance data on pitchers and hitters will improve your Fantasy Managing.

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Win/Loss Odds

If you are looking for a real world advantage that few people know about yet, take a look at Air Density at game time. You'll be amazed at what the data shows.

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Professional Player

Have you wondered why you can hit a pitcher one game, and the next time you face him, you can't? Have you felt, at times, like you just couldn't get your eye on the pitch today? Wonder why? Actually, it is very explainable, but it is not what the general public thinks.

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