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Follow-Up 3 to BaseballVMI - Intro

Posted: 2019-05-16 07:55:35 (ET)    [ 773 views ]

We consider the VMI to be an “add-on” to standard MLB analysis.  In fact, the modern metrics provide a base-line for performance and analysis that must be in place before an ADI or a VMI can become meaningful.  We are still determining the impact the air has on MLB.  We are only scratching the surface of psychological implications that will enlighten training, drafting, coaching, pitch selection, and team building in MLB for the players.  

We are positioning our capability to include “actual” pitch movement into the Virtual Reality segment for games and hitter training, as we believe we can present actual pitch movement into historical game re-creation for those who would want to match their prowess against great historical hitters and pitchers. 

We already know that when a team feels they are just not good enough to hit this pitcher’s fastball "today," it impacts decision making in baserunning, strike zone command, and even bunting.  These things, in turn, impact defensive decision making such as throwing to the right base, ill-advised diving at an outfield hit, and can lead to poor clubhouse interactions as well as managerial decisions.  

We display all the teams’ VMI’s on a grid, a day ahead of game time.  This grid allows input of a date for historical VMI’s.  Of course, during the season, members only can see the VMI’s for future games, but anyone can see history.  We also display all the upcoming games under the Pitcher’s ADI’s so that a member can see all the starting pitchers’ ball movement projections. 

If the league continues to start pitchers who are typically reserved for the last few innings (openers), before bringing in their innings-eating primary pitcher, then we will attempt to display all the pitchers and their pitch repertoire vs the opponent.  At this time we have no output for the whole team of pitchers showing all their pitches, but we are moving in that direction.  

For professional players we provide a synopsis of what the hitter should see from today’s starter and some coaching tips on the best way to approach today’s game in light of the previous few games’ exposure. 

Most players do not realize their Visual Memory changes with each days’ exposure to new pitchers within new climates and venues.  Let me say that in a more traditional way.  Most players do not split their hand-eye coordination between Muscle Memory and Visual Memory.  They attempt to protect their hitting eye, however pitch movement from climate to climate changes their hitting eye, every series.  If their VMI is high (especially on the negative side) it means there is a separation between their Muscle Memory and their Visual Memory so certain pitches will be easier to see and to reach--than others. 


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