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Pitcher-Type Rating on Detailed Match-ups

Posted: 2019-07-12 06:49:27 (ET)    [ 697 views ]

You may have already noticed that on the "Today's Match-Ups" starting pitcher display, we have included a quantifier.  Following the pitcher type is a calculated magnitude of each pitcher's mix of pitches.  It is intended to provide you a weighting within each designation.  The primary pitches which make up the "Type" are weighted more heavily and the secondary pitches he uses within his mix receive a lesser weighting.  Therefore it is a reflection of his reliance on the major pitches.  The greater the number, the more closely his pitch mix is conformed to his designation and the more he depends on the best of its pitch-types.  If he has a low number it means his mix includes pitches that may be closely identified with a different pitch-type.  In other words a "low" number after a tight pitcher may indicate he is close to being a "loose" pitcher.  As you watch the number, you may begin to see a pattern for effectiveness against a particular VMI range, or within a particular ADI range.  

We at VMI have been keeping track of this number on a daily basis as we sealed the formula.  We would appreciate your input as you begin to see trends.  Please email your comments directly to me at and I will answer your email--normally within 24 hours.  

You will also see the "Pitcher-Type Scores" at the very bottom of the report on a particular pitcher when searching the report named "Pitcher Stats by ADI."  This display of all the pitcher types shows his score as calculated against his overall pitch mix for the year and team.  You may also query the database for previous years and teams.  Of course, whichever pitcher type calculates to the largest number identifies the pitcher.   Example of what you will see at the bottom of the report: 

Pitch Type Scores:

  • Tight: -14.61
  • Loose: 18.94
  • Reverse: 20.50
  • Knuckleball: 0.00


We have not retained a database on this number, but it has been displayed on the T-L-R Report for the past year.  Where are we headed with this rating?  Essentially, we have witnessed the effectiveness of the Tight Pitcher versus the "minus VMI" team and likewise the Reverse Pitcher versus the "plus VMI" team over the past decade or more.  Now we want to allow you to have an additional insight into how tight is best.  At some point we may be able to use this number on a special pitcher report, although those of you who are MLB pitchers or Pro-Members can use the Tight-Loose-Reverse pitcher report to see a comparison of certain pitchers at this time. 

Of course, speed "kills" (so to speak) and we all realize that high speed plus a good pitch-mix is preferrable.  This calculated magnitude of the pitch mix should give all of us additional insight. We hope you like seeing it for a quick insight, or if you are an MLB pitcher, to help you refine your pitch-mix.  


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