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August and September are Absolutely Weird in MLB.

Posted: 2019-07-30 08:13:40 (ET)    [ 320 views ]

Teams that have shown no life at all during the first four months of the season begin winning and causing havoc.  Teams that have been winning all season, begin to lose to teams that should not even be in the game.  

The heat is at its highest in all the open ball parks and closed roof parks are few and far between at the end of a long summer for the players.  

Forty man rosters will add to the complexity, as individual players being called up will create some team VMI mixtures. 

The PVMI (Personal VMI) may take on additional value.  It is found below the graphs on the sortable stats page named: 
"MLB Stats with ADI and VMI"   When using that report, be sure to check the boxes next to the type of read-out you want to display. 

They are as follows: 
 AVG  *  OBP  *  SLG  *  OPS  *  PVMI  *  Games     

So, if the every day players are a mixture of the first half team and the September call-ups, look at the PVMI to select your top performers.   The VMI will most likely be smaller than the PVMI until the player has played with the team as an every day player for a couple series.    

Pitchers will be mostly affected by the ADI, so that won't change much, but the familiarity with the pitcher that the hitters have built over the first half of the season will be intermittent.    

In general, uniquely good pitchers that have been headaches to hitters all season, will be "remembered" by the hitters they face in August and September, so the Visual Memory Index may be more meaningful against September callup  pitchers than against the top starters in the league.  

Next week we will take a look at some of the small VMI's and how to interpret them during the "dog days" of the league. 



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