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I'm Breaking My Promise

Posted: 2019-08-14 11:47:05 (ET)    [ 883 views ]

Last week I told you I would write about the next VMI range above the previous week's.  Well, I have something that I think should precede that article.  

Periodically, we create some new features, and our web developers at Foxstone Industries, Inc. have done another great job.  In fact you may be able to get quicker results on some of your searches on our website now, as the data grows.  When the volume of pitches, etc. increases, some challenges come along with the additional accuracy it provides you. So our web developers are keeping up with the growth and the growing pains.  Now to the new features. 

In the Pro Features Package, you have seen that we have recently introduced a "quantifier" to the Pitcher-Type (that is; Tight, Loose, Reverse or Knuckleballer).  The quantifier helps you to determine "how tight is the tight pitcher?"  Of course, too tight would probably be no better than being not tight enough.  These pitcher-type scores have been primarily published in advance of the "Starting Pitcher's" performance.  The "View Game" in the pro package allows you to see the results of yesterday's games.  Within the View Game output is a place where I can give you some thoughts on the VMI and the production that actually occured.  We have aptly named it "Cliff's Notes."

We have placed an automated feature (thanks to Foxstone Industries) which applies the same Pitcher-Type formula and quantifier to the entire team of pitchers who performed in yesterday's game.  This will allow you to monitor the bull-pen, catcher, or pitching coach, and the managers' decision making.  We don't always know who is making the pitch-type decisions. 

Using the "View Game" you have been able to see whether the starting pitcher followed the pattern of a Tight pitcher and you have been able to see the production against the balance of the staff, but to anticipate what the manager may do in the game, one would need to be able to see his choices of combinations of middle relievers, set up pitchers and closers.  This will provide you a tool that, if observed over the course of a series or two, will give you insight into the type of pitcher the manager likes to use in relief of the starter, etc.  

It will tell you the following:

1) Does the manager like to use a Reverse pitcher after a Tight starter?

2) Does the manager consistently use a Loose pitcher as a middle reliever and then a reverse pitcher before the closer?

3) Is the manager all over the place, with great success or little success?

4) Since we know the managers do not use these T-L-R terms, is he doing this anyway while using his instinct?

5) Does he make changes in the same way when he is ahead vs when his team is behind in the game?




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