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Posted: 2020-07-10 10:06:06 (ET)    [ 444 views ]

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BaseballTout is now published.  You can peruse the available features of the site without a membership.  Sign-ups prior to the season will not provide you any additional information and may cause some off-season features to be unavailable.  As you peruse the 2019 schedule, keep this in mind; this list of the games played comes directly from and we do not follow double-headers and rain-out games in the same way does MLB. 

Notes on the upcoming season:

Many of you know that the summer camp has now begun.  How will these summer camps affect the players?  Regardless of whether a team enters the season from summer camp at their home stadium or from a spring training location, the Visual Memory that will be cemented into the players will be that which was gained from the camp. 

At this time, most of the players are unaware of the Visual Memory they are gaining.  To them, practice and repetition only prepares them to hit what they see.  The truth is; it only prepares them to hit what they see in that environment. 

In my last article I stated that it normally takes a month and a half for a team to settle into their own environment.  That is true when a team begins a new season away from their spring training home.  However, if their summer training is at their home stadium, then they have no adjustment to make to begin the new season until they go on the road from their home ballpark, or an extreme weather system moves in to their home location. 

Half of the teams will begin the season at home and half will travel.  A couple of exhibition games will begin the adjustment and we will follow those last few summer camp games, but many of the traveling teams will be out of their environment.  So this year, the teams of hitters from unique environments will already be acclimated and road will be either a huge challenge (minus VMI's) or a cakewalk (plus VMI's).  The normal six weeks of conformity to the home ballpark environment will only be true of any team that chooses a summer camp location extremely different from their home park.  At this time I do not know of any teams in that category. 

So, the bottom line for BaseballTout picks is this:

The VMI will be in mid-season form.  Production data from each every-day player will improve with each game played.  Pitcher data from last season, in specified ADI/VMI ranges, will be in mid-season form.  So, you should be able to have confidence in BaseballTout picks within the first week of the new season, because win percents will begin after the first day for each team.  Hopefully, the season will occur!  Make some money if it does!!


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