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First Round of Post-Season Play

Posted: 2020-09-29 08:48:52 (ET)    [ 457 views ]

Since the first round will be in the home teams' stadium, the following will be in play:


As you may have noticed from following the ADI and VMI, the East Coast teams, having played each other during August and September, have played between 58 ADI and 66 ADI, which is pretty normal baseball movement for the hitters.  They should be able to play across the nation without much noticeable change in their visual memory.

The West Coast teams, have been playing between 40 ADI in Colorado to 68 ADI on the West Coast.  They even played in the hot weather of California a few games.  These teams have been exposed to the ups and downs in ball movement from the pitchers.  However, they won't be playing in Colorado or Arizona now, so Dodger stadium and Texas will be more similar to the Central Divisions' experience and San Diego and Oakland will be more similar to the East Coast teams' recent experience. Houston, being on the coast, but in a dome will be more similar to the Florida teams' experience.

The Central Division teams may struggle on the coastline in stadiums that are colder for the first several games and that could make a difference in the first series'.  Those teams experienced a game or two which were colder in September, but for the most part their visual memory is built on about a 63 ADI. 

For all of us; good luck in the post season of MLB's weird season. 


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