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Pitcher-Type Rating and Pitch-Mix for 2021

Posted: 2021-04-05 07:36:29 (ET)    [ 243 views ]

Recently, I mentioned we were working on a more comprehensive and easier to use Pitcher-Type Rating report.   For those of you who like insider information, this report is for you, but was created for the MLB players and coaches, themselves.

We have now published both a Pitch-Mix definition and study, as well as the promised Pitcher-Type Rating for Members who are either professional players, managers, or long-time members who fully understand Baseball VMI, ADI and the microscope we have put on the Pitch-Mix.

For decades baseball has been aware of the differences in stadium venues and have created a park adjustment to account for "where" the game will be or was played.   However, since coaches have traditionally downplayed the daily conditions with statements like "both teams are playing in the same weather, so get out there and hit the ball, and don't give me any more excuses"; then, "when" has never been studied.  

Coaches did not have computers in previous decades, have not had time or knowledge in how to use them and therefore players have taken up the mantra of "no excuses."  More recently teams and players on current rosters have been inundated with computer analysis and data.  One of the few things that has not been overdone is "when" will a hitter be able to meet his normal averages and "when" will a pitcher get by with his normal pitch-mix. 

Recently, it was reported that certain teams now want to study this subject.  We, at have been trying to get this subject across to mlb coaches, players and front offices for over 15 years.  Since the subject is still relatively new, we are the only credible source and our data collection has become extensive. 

Under the professional membership page, we have added a report called Pitcher-Type Rating.  One can sort the production of individual pitchers by team or all teams, era, pitcher type, score, hits per outing and can view in which ADI range this production or debacle occured. 

We recommend that new members spend the first year understanding the basics of Air Density's effect on the dive, dart and hop at the end of each pitch before moving on to the professional package.  The Visual Memory Index is the gauge by which we analyze each team's exposure to todays and tomorrows game's tail-off on the pitches.  So it is imperative that the user of this website is aware of the "when" will these teams of players be able to perform their magic and against which pitches, before moving into the professional member packages of analytics we provide. 

If you are a professional member and are logged in with your password you will be able to see the Pitcher-Type Rating and can generate your own reports.  It is located on the Member Home under the Members tab. Under Member Home when you are logged in, you will see the Professional Package Add-Ons.  On this page you will also be able to call up individual games to view the results via the "View Game" report.  The Tight-Loose-Reverse pitcher report is also available on this page, as well as a report that ties the daily ADI, VMI and results to "your selected player's" or to your own MLB stats if you are on a roster.

When MLB catches up with the "when" on pitch mix and hitter adjustments, you will already be there!


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